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One laptop per child – Lisa Strausfeld and team

This talk is definitely the highlight of the conference. The One Laptop Per Child project is one of those larger than life visions that anyone would be lucky to get involved in. Not just because it’s a good cause but also because of the magnitude of its influence on the world.

The team at Pentagram who got to work on this project to develop the Laptop’s UI showed a tremendous level of gratitude as well as passion. The team talked about the UI concepts and did a demo. Everyone was very moved by this project, you could feel that aura in the room. I know I got choked up and re-examined the meaning of my work after that 😉

Here are some tidbits about the UI concept, which is based on community and playing together. The reductionist aesthetic represents the ethics behind this project and works within constraints of these lower cost lower power units. They also tried to make the design to work across cultures.

The people
The o with x on the bottom represents you who is using the laptop. You can pick a color from the 6 choices to represent you. Simple and effective iconography.

The sphere
There is a sphere around you, which represents your space. You can do activities in your sphere. There are three layers to the sphere: you, friends, and the rest of the community.


The activities
Activities are launched from a bottom panel and my sphere holds the activity I’m doing. I can share my activties with the rest of the community.

The prototype demo:
img_9074_small.jpg img_9075_small.jpg

Takaaki trying to show the e-book mode: