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Digital Life 07

We went to Digital Life at the Javits convention center this year. It was huge and filled with games. The show this year featured the latest gaming technology, entertainment technology, computer hardware, robots, and toys. Big names like Microsoft, HP, EA, as well and up and coming shops are there featuring their newest robots. The biggest booths were Microsoft’s Xbox, I mean Halo, and plasmas everywhere showing off Vista.

The more interesting things were actually for young kids. Here you see a puppy that you can carry around like a real puppy. You can plug your iPod into the puppy and it will play your music while it wags its tail. Kids perform with their Guitar Hero like real rockstars on stage. And a Panda toy that talks.


A bunch of skateboarders with hardcore skateboards on strapped to their backs checking out the latest Tony Hawk. I played some football, and scored a field goal. This virtual reality game is projected on the floor and it has motion detection that knows when your foot kicks the ball, it has real physics shooting the football to the field goal. There is a game console that spits out actual playing cards that tests your music knowledge, using your iPhone as the controller, players try to get to the music that matches the answers to the question on the card as quickly as possible. Lastly, there were things as simple a digital picture frame.


The virtual objects theme is even more prominent in the Mattel booth – it was filled with “virtual interactive toys”. They are toys that exist in real life but that you can also plug into your computer via a USB port and transport its presence into a virtual gaming interface, which sometimes is a community online. The Barbie was a good example of such games. You can dress up the Barbie by attaching different outfits to it just like the old fashion ones. But you can also use it as a music player. More importantly, you can plug it into your computer and play the Barbie game, which is beautifully executed and very well thought out.



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