Skills for current and future user experience practitioners

The panel discussion had these interesting points:

Skills that were mentioned:

  • empathetic
    • osmosis
    • storytellers
    • listeners
  • facilitate
  • interested in helping other people evolve
  • self aware
  • collaborative
  • want to teach: don’t use jargons, speak in plain language

How do we move our work foward:

  • Say no. Don’t serve up the design. Think strategically about when design can help move the organization forward, focus on those opportunities.
  • The demand for designers is increasing amateurization of the field, keep on thinking and working strategically.
  • Change the context you are in – constantly.


Peter, to use his own words, “pulled this out of his ass”, and it’s actually sticking with me. Staff your teams with T-shape people, I-shape people and bar-shape people. Generally small groups start out with all T-shapes, the larger we grow the more we need I- and bar-shapes in our teams.



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