UX week 07 begins

I am attending UX Week 07 that Adapative path put together. It started yesterday. The event started with Sarah Adler’s talk on the design of the ClearRx project. Then I attended these talks, which I will expand on some of these in separate entries in more detail:

Themes from the first day’s talks had been: listening, empathy, connecting your designs to value.

“Stories and Story Telling for Collaboration” by Kevin Brooks. The gist of this talk is about listening not talking. Good story tellers listen first.
img_9069.jpg img_9070.jpg

“Smoothing the Way: The Designer as Facilitator” by Jess McCullin. Jess’s talk resonated with the audience because his Partner, Pilot, Publize method is something we all embrace as collaborators and facilitators in our organizations. I really like the idea of value centered design.
img_9095.jpg img_9096.jpg

“Capturing the whole user experience” by Indy Young. This talk is one of the highlights of my day. I think her method of finding innovation in mental spaces complements the goal directed method we use very well.
img_9068.jpg 1120130088_e99d6622571.jpg

“Communicating Ideas through an organization.” by Andrew Crow. Aside from being a really great speaker who really connects the talk to his audience (a trait I noticed amongst all of the Adaptive Path senior staff), Andrew provided some great tips and broke down the myths of how we can ethically and respectfully “change the rules” in our organizations, successfully.

“Panel: Skills for Current and Future User Experience Practitioners.” The discussion panel has three themes: collaboration, empathy and listening.

More pictures for UX Week and credits for some of the pictures listed here can be found on flickr.


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