Surface is all the rage

surface surface map surface-music.jpg

Everyone’s talking about it. Interaction Design and Industrial Design is coming to a full circle with Microsoft’s attempt to bring to the market “Surface“. This concept has been in research labs for over a decade now.

In an earlier post I talked about the interactive products surfacing in Milan Design Week. Alot of us who graduated in the past decabe have done a project in some sort of multi-modal or geture interface that does not involve a PC. The “surface” product doesn’t surprise any of us. Way back in grad school, I user tested one of Bean Blain’s projects she did at the ETC called Jamodrum. The challenge academia faced was not having any marketing power or businses driver behind their work. And we all knew one day corporate America will come to realize the potentials of some of this technology but what surprises me is the fact that Microsoft is the one to bring this to fruition. What surprises me more is that given such an interface, there are so many more fun things to do than edit photos and browse a map! Leave it to microsoft to fuck up a design even if the technology and the marketing power is all there.

It’s like you had someone a beautiful piece of jewelry and they decided to put it around a cow’s neck, what’s the saying???

So designers out there, stop bitching and moaning about their sucky demos. Get your hands on this thing and use this TO CHANGE THE WORLD even more! No matter how much money Microsoft has to market this thing, they’ll never design the things that go on it right. THAT is where we come in 🙂


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