Living homes – putting modernity and sustainability to practice


We hear a lot about sustainable design. Allan, in an earlier article urged us (designers) to “stop making crap”.

Livinghomes are one of those people who are putting the sustainable design talk to practice. The homes  they design combine modern design elegance with sustainable practices. After giving their website a perusal, they seem to put these ideas into practice in 3 ways: streamlined process, green materials and providing a sustainable living situation for those who will live in the homes.


4 Responses to “Living homes – putting modernity and sustainability to practice”

  1. 1 Kathy Lewis Friday, June 1, 2007 at 3:56 pm

    I heard about this Steve Glenn guy, the founder, from Clever Homes. He called up Clever Homes and said he was a “venture capitalist” and wanted to invest in them. So they let him come in and they told him their secrets. He then copied EVERYTHING they had and created Living Homes. He showed up at the Dwell conference (you can see it online in video someplace) and had used Clever Homes logo, copied their business plan, quoted the words of their architect and had pitched their technology to investors as his idea. Just look at him in the movies online.. he is a New York weasel. His houses are overpriced, you can get one for half the cost from 20 other pre-fab suppliers. They are death-traps because of the steel which draws EMF into the house and the coatings on his woods which out gas.. and they guy is just a jerk if you ever had to deal with him. He got his investors to pay for a free house for himself and now his factories see that he lied about the volume. I work at one of those factories.

  2. 2 Liya Saturday, June 2, 2007 at 6:16 am

    Wow, thanks Kathy for pointing this out to me. The clever homes team definitely looks legitimate and I can see the striking similarity between the 2 websites.

    I am sorry that I misjudged, so I should give credit where it’s due – this concept of sustainable housing put to practice is really something that inspires me.

    Thank you again for pointing me to its originators.

  3. 3 steve glenn Tuesday, November 6, 2007 at 5:19 pm


    the comments left by anonymous are absolutely, categorically untrue — and i assume it’s part of a some trip anonymous has with me/us. here’s the proof: 1. he or she has posted this EXACT SAME COMMENT in two other blogs. in both cases, the blog master took the post down; 2. he/she is posting anonymously; 3. every claim is untrue. the facts:

    1. when i started working on livinghomes in 2004, i spoke to a number of companies including clever homes, michelle kaufman and marmol radziner (who did my last home). i told each i was exploring doing a prefab company.

    2. i never saw the business plan of any of these companies.

    3. our logo hasn’t changed since launch. nor has clever homes. you judge the difference. i can’t help but point out that many have observed that clever homes actually copies our website, but i’m hoping anonymous isn’t a clever homes affiliate, so i want to resist bringing clever homes into the frey. they’re good people.

    4. i’m not from new york. never even lived there.

    5. a home like ours for half price from 20 other suppliers? show me one; we’ll buy them there and make money!! problem is, there aren’t even 20 suppliers actually shipping homes.

    6. steel happens to be the most fire retardant of the major building materials. that’s why it’s used in skyscrapers.

    7. i’m not a jerk. i’m a nice guy.

    8. i paid for my home myself, thank you.

    9. we don’t have factories. we have A factory. we have built one home; have one in production; and a number are in permitting. that’s not a lie.

    anonymous, you’re a flammer — in the worse sense. if you want to make accusations, reveal yourself so that you can have an honest discussion of facts.

    steve glenn

  4. 4 steve glenn Tuesday, November 6, 2007 at 5:21 pm


    sorry, but i used the same reply i’ve used before to deal with the flamer.

    one correction: we’ve built TWO homes now. just finished the second:

    sadly, the flamer is still a flamer.


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