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Branding for emerging markets

design-for-china.gif jan von holstein


At the ID conference at IIT Jan von Holstein from Network with Silverlining spoke about “Brand in Translation”. In this interview, he talked about the idea of a networked agency and the idea of a non-sales driven design consultancy unlike the traditional models of the ones we may be familiar with like Ogilvy or Digitas.

He also talked about the Chinese market:

“It became clear to me five years ago that China would become a force to be reckoned with. This meant creating a real portal both into China and out of China. Most global players are already in China and thousands more are scrambling to get in. At the same time, major Chinese companies are about to enter world markets with their own brands. We have already been reading about this in BusinessWeek and other publications in the last twelve months, and the reality is companies like Haier and Lenovo are entering the US markets with a big bang. Most of the others still have no valid brand positioning or marketable brand for any market outside of China.”